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Relationships between you and the dealer are many times uncomfortable because as the consumer, you may not understand everything the salesman is saying therefore he has the ability to pull the wool over your eyes. By educating yourself before approaching the showroom you have created a dealer’s dream costumer and in the process you are saving more money then you think.

Many people approach negotiations with a car salesman like going to war. You expect to encounter an abrasive, money hungry tyrant that only wants to cheat you out of your money. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however. Car salesmen are exactly that, salesmen. Their job it so create a relationship with you that is beneficial to their dealership. This is because you make them money. Your relationship is an investment into their pockets. Dealers know that a good relationship with the client not only produces the sale of a car but it also produces future maintenance of the car and possible another sale in the future when you are ready to make a change.

Car dealers don’t profit an astronomical amount from the sale of the car, so to benefit the most out of a new customer they want to service all your needs for that vehicle. If you have a good relationship with the dealer then they know that you will most likely want to finance with them and continue service with them such as things like maintenance or your next new car purchase. This is why they try to make you comfortable when you first arrive.

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