Car Prices Blogs - July, 2011

The Top Coolest Cars with the Lowest Price

July 30th, 2011

Competing Car has updated the list of the 10 cheapest and coolest cars that money can buy. The list presents the lowest priced cars under $18,000 that present fantastic value for money. Here are just a few of the coolest cars with the lowest price:

New Volkswagen Jetta Nobody expects a Volkswagen to be priced lower than other imports and car brands in the market but the new Volkswagen Jetta brings a lot of German styling cues and refinement along with a base price that you can surely afford.

New Ford Focus The new Ford Focus is reputed to be much better and more refined than the previous model while still retaining the classic European driving attributes at an affordable price. When in the market for a compact car that delivers a smooth ride and inspired performance then the Ford Focus is worth a second look.

New Nissan Cube The Nissan Cube offers tons of practical space and utility with the lowest price possible. When in the market for a cool car that serves a variety of purposes for any sort of active lifestyle then the Nissan Cube is hard to beat.

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Volkswagen Passat Vs Jetta

July 20th, 2011

Volkswagen Passat will be finally revealed this coming September. VW is expecting that this vehicle follows Jetta’s successful footsteps.

Once Jetta was unveiled, VW made the wise decision to reduce $1,700 off the $17,700 starting price of this vehicle in order to compete with best sellers such as Toyota.

According to Jonathan Browning, in charge of all American operations, VW will use the same strategy with Passat.

Volkswagen sales in the United States have not been high enough to compete with long time top sellers such as Honda, GM and Toyota. The company has even claimed they have not seen profits since early 2000’s . Therefore, they face a though market this year when aiming to triple the brand’s sales when this model goes on sale early Fall.

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