Car Prices Blogs - December, 2011

The 3 Best and Most Affordable Midsize Sedans for 2012

December 26th, 2011

The Toyota Camry is still one of the most capable midsize sedans in the market today. However, the competition is slowly catching up in all aspects of the trade, including on-road performance and price.

The market is now literally brimming with choices if you want a midsize sedan. The 3 best and most affordable midsize sedans for 2012 are those that deliver style, comfort, and substance at a very friendly price. Now is the best time to choose a family car!

The 3 Best and Cheapest Midsize Sedans for 2012

1. Ford Fusion

Base price: $20,200

The Ford Fusion is a perfect blend of everything that is deemed pleasant in a family car. The Fusion has clean styling cues that is not too sporty nor is too conservative, either. It provides ample seating for five people and provides a lot of room for cargo as well. The Ford Fusion also delivers a smooth and pleasant ride while still allowing the driver to relish the responsiveness of the chassis and the steering. In short, the Fusion is spacious, fun to drive, well equipped, and starts at only $20,200.

2. Hyundai Sonata

Base price: $19,695

Wondering why Hyundai cars are slowly gaining ground in the highly competitive automotive market? The Hyundai Sonata is just one of the brilliant cars in the Hyundai lineup and starts at just $19,695. Many experts are saying that the Sonata is a serious contender in the midsize sedan category and is even capable of outclassing top contenders such as the Honda Accord and, yes, the Toyota Camry as well. The Sonata delivers a roomy and spacious interior, inspired levels of performance, and 35 miles per gallon on the highway.

3. Suzuki Kizashi

Base price: $18,999

Why is Suzuki building a midsize sedan? Why not? The Kizashi is one of the sportiest and most dynamic sedans that money can buy. Starting at a low base price of $18,999 and available with the option of all-wheel drive (AWD), the Kizashi offers European inspired looks and the handling capabilities of a more expensive sports sedan. The interior is made from high quality an durable materials that will never look out of place in an entry level luxury car. The Kizashi delivers plenty of bang for the buck.

Keep in mind that car prices will vary according to your zip code. When searching for the perfect family car, the 3 best and cheapest midsize sedans should certainly be on top of your shopping list.

The Cheapest Cars for 2012

December 19th, 2011

Everything is more expensive nowadays, including cars. However, this does not mean that you don’t get anything in return as modern cars are now equipped with all the latest tech gadgets and safety features.

It’s a common fact that not everyone can afford an Audi A7 although it would be nice to drive one to work. Want a new car but is short on cash? Fret not. Here is a short list of the cheapest cars for 2012:

Cheapest Cars of 2012

1. Hyundai Accent GLS Sedan

The Hyundai Accent used to lord it over other entry-level cars in terms of price. Hyundai chose to make the Accent more comfortable, refined and easy on the eyes, and the result is the 2012 Hyundai Accent. It borrows some of the styling cues of other Hyundai cars such as the Sonata, Elantra, and Veloster and starts at only $14,195.

2. Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris carries the same strength of other popular Toyota models as it is refined, extremely durable, and is capable of lasting hundreds of thousands of miles. The Yaris remains to be a safe and solid choice for a subcompact car and is a bargain at $14,115.

3. Chevrolet Sonic Sedan

The Chevrolet Sonic is the newest subcompact car from American car maker Chevrolet. First time car buyers are the primary target but the Sonic will also appeal to those who want an affordable subcompact that is comfortable, sporty, and practical at the same time. The Chevrolet Sonic sedan starts at $13,735.

4. Kia Rio Sedan

While the all new 2012 Kia Rio 5-door is a tad more expensive then the Kia Rio sedan, both cars remain to be the cheapest that money can buy. The Kia Rio sedan has a base price of $12,295 while the Rio 5-door starts at $13,600.

5. Nissan Versa

It is interesting to note that the Hyundai Accent used to be the cheapest car in the market but it is now eclipsed by the Nissan Versa. Priced at around $10,990, the Versa gives the driver an impressive level of standard equipment that includes six airbags, air conditioning, a CD player and ABS brakes.

Remember that car dealers will not always provide the same price for any type of car. Simplify your car shopping experience for 2012! Try a free quote and find out how you can further save money on an already cheap car.

Updated Year-End Hyundai Prices 2011

December 14th, 2011

The holiday season is here! If you want a new Hyundai then now is the best time to do so. The Hyundai Holidays event will give you the opportunity to drive home the car that you have always wanted at a much lower price.

There are speculations that car makers will begin to mark-up their prices from as early as January of 2012. Asian markets will be particularly affected by this announcement. However, Hyundai dealers are here to showcase the latest year-end car prices for 2011. Thinking about buying a new Hyundai? Your search ends here!

2011 Year-End Hyundai Prices

Hyundai Sonata

The 2012 Sonata has a base price of $19,695 and is one of the top choices in the midsize sedan category. Low APR financing awaits the lucky buyer, starting from as low as 2.9% for 48 months.

Hyundai Santa Fe

The 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe is a bargain at $23,225 and this is even made more affordable by a low APR rate of just 1.9% for 36 months.

Hyundai Tucson

The 2012 Tucson has a base price of $19,045 and is available at a low APR rate of 2.9%.

Hyundai Veloster

The all new 2012 Veloster has a low base price of $17,300 with 1.6% APR financing for 36 months.

Hyundai Accent

If you are searching for a subcompact car that is priced at the $14,000 range then the 2012 Accent is a perfect fit. Low APR rates start at 2.9% for 48 months.

Hyundai Elantra

There is something about the 2012 Elantra that makes it stand out from other compact cars. Maybe it’s the $16,400 base price but the Elantra does provide a breath of fresh air in the compact car department.

Hyundai Genesis and Genesis Coupe

Both cars are named after the other but they are worlds apart in terms of intent and performance. The Genesis luxury sedan starts at just $34,200 and offers all the amenities that you want in a family car.

On the other side of the spectrum, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe would have to be the performance bargain champion of 2011. Starting at just $22,200, the Genesis Coupe delivers the same kind of driving thrills as what you would expect from a car that is double the price.

Grab this marvelous opportunity to drive home a perfectly modern and capable car for less cash. Take advantage of the Hyundai Holidays event by searching for the nearest Hyundai dealer with the lowest price.

Ford Car Prices are Now Lower than Ever!

December 13th, 2011

Ford is currently in the middle of the Ford Year-End Celebration, a once-a-year sales extravaganza wherein Ford dealers are set to offer attractive APR rates and low lease rates.

If you happen to be considering a new Ford for your next car then now is the best time to approach the nearest Ford dealer.

Ford has gone through a lot over the past decade. It gave up Jaguar and Land Rover ownership to Tata Motors of India in 2008. The economic recession not only affected Ford but other American car makers as well. Yet despite all this, Ford remains to be a serious contender in the automotive industry. Europeans love their Ford cars as they bring exciting levels of performance and handling along with a well-appointed and refined cabin.

The same holds true for the US. Ford cars are now better equipped and better styled for the modern driver. Even the 2012 Ford F-150 was not spared from major improvements both in suspension and engine performance. the EcoBoost engine in particular is a reason why you should give a nod to the 2012 F-150 is you want a truck that leads the competition in terms of towing abilities, payload and fuel efficiency.

The 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 makes good use of direct-injection technology and twin-turbochargers to produce 420 pound-feet of torque from as little as 1,700 RPM. What this means is that the driver gets instant response and pulling power without pushing the throttle pedal all the way to the floor. And since the driver gets instant amount of torque without straining the engine, the EcoBoost engine in the 2012 F-150 can deliver 16 miles-per-gallon in the city and around 22 miles in the highway. Not bad for a workhorse.

The 2012 Ford F-150 regular cab model is now available for a low APR financing rate of 2.9% for 36 months and up to 6.9% for 72 months under the Ford Year-End Celebration. Car buyers also get as much as $1,500 in rebates and customer cash, further lowering the cost of ownership.

The Ford Focus is one of those compact cars that seem to cast a different shadow compared to the rest of the crowd. Other compact cars deliver a sporty and firm ride while others border on the softer side of things. The Focus is capable of both a sporty and comfortable ride through the use of Euro-tuned suspension and chassis components.

The Focus is also roomy, spacious and easy to drive. The interior is made from high-quality materials that feel good to the touch yet is capable of lasting the life of the car. If you want a compact family car that will never fail to bring a smile to your face then the 2012 Ford Focus is a solid choice.

The Ford Focus has a base price of $16,500. You can now drive home the 2012 Focus for much less under the Ford Year-End sales celebration. Low APR rates of 0.9% for 36 months is coupled with at least $1,000 worth of rebates plus no payments for the first 90 days. This makes the Focus one of the cheapest compact cars to own in the market today.

You can also find 2012 models of the Ford Fiesta, Ford Fusion, Ford Explorer and Ford Escape at extremely low prices. The Ford Year-End celebration will let you experience the technological marvels of new Ford cars without hurting your pockets.

Find everything that you need to know about Ford prices with just a single click and find out how much you can save on the biggest sales event of the season!