Car Prices Blogs - December, 2013

Get Competing Car Prices to Save This Christmas

December 19th, 2013

Did you miss out on the end of year savings on a new car, truck or SUV? Don’t worry as the deals and great savings are sure to continue thru Christmas if you know what to do. To maximize your saving on a new vehicle, savvy new vehicle shoppers will get competing car quotes to make dealers compete.

Compare New Car Prices to Locate the Lowest Price First, savvy shoppers know that they can locate the lowest prices in your local area by going to and getting quotes on the best cars and trucks of the year. Knowing the lowest price in the area to begin with will give you the upper hand in vehicle negotiations.

Take the Quote to the Competitors Upon arriving at the dealerships, you will already have a price quote from Competing Car Prices and can see which one of them wants your business enough to give you a lower price than your quote. Using this simple strategy will consistently save you money on every car, truck or SUV you ever purchase.

3 “Must Know” Facts When Purchasing a New Car

December 5th, 2013

It’s a jungle out there. Trying to find the best deal on a new car, truck or SUV purchase can be tedious. Researching automakers, reading consumer reviews, finding dealer rebates and incentives and that is just the beginning of the process. Can you imagine going into your local dealership with the true dealer costs of the vehicle you want? Use the following “Must Know” facts to negotiate the best price and terms of your new vehicle purchase.

1) Hidden Dealer Incentives – Think of new car negotiation as a contest, with the person who has the most information wins. You may think, “How can I possibly obtain more information that the dealership as about their own vehicles?” The way to win this battle is to do your research on the vehicle you want BEFORE you go into the dealership. At, we give you the hidden dealer rebates and incentives that include up to $7000 in cash back offers.

2)Dealership Holdback – Never heard of “dealer holdback”? It is money that the automakers return to the dealership on their bulk purchases of vehicles. Dealership holdback is normally 2 to 3 percent of the invoice price. What does that mean for a new car buyer? It means you can save $700 on a $30,000 car, truck or SUV purchase.

3)Dealer Competition – Even though this is the oldest trick in the book, it is also the most effective. Start by getting FREE, no obligation quotes from competing dealerships in your area. Then, choose two or more dealerships that have the vehicle you want and contact them. Once they are aware that you are a serious buyer and are choosing between two or more dealerships, they will offer you their bottom-line price to entice your business away from the competition.

Use these tactics the next time you are at the dealership and let us know how much money you saved by starting your search at!