Car Prices Blogs - April, 2014

Auto Sales Improve Along with the Temperatures

April 23rd, 2014

It was a historically cold and long winter, which froze the growth of last year’s auto sales rebound. But the improved weather in late March and early April has auto executives optimistic about the rest of the 2014 sales year. March 2014 sales numbers have improved over a million units from March 2013’s totals, giving them this optimism.

March is historically a good month for auto sales as people receive their tax returns and many use them to purchase a new vehicle. Many auto executives were apprehensive about April, but all of the initial reports are positive. They are hoping that the next 90 days will continue to build upon the growth of the first quarter of 2014. If they do not see that growth, they may be in for a long year, full of discounts and rebates to inspire growth. To receive a price quote on a new 2014 vehicle, head over to today!

Toyota’s Camry Gets a Complete Redesign for 2015

April 17th, 2014

Amidst building competition in the mid-size sedan class, the 2015 Toyota Camry was unveiled yesterday at the Ney York Auto Show. It looks almost unrecognizable, as Toyota has changed every exterior piece on the car except the roof. The new design is wider, longer and more stylish than ever, with the aim of staying competitive with the other redesigned cars in Camry’s class.

The Toyota Camry has been the leader in the U.S. sales for the last 12 years, due to its reliability and family-friendly design. But Toyota knows that times are changing and those same reliability shoppers want a little extra these days. That is why the Camry also has improved the look and feel of the vehicle. Not to mention the pressure of better fuel economy, and luxury models creeping down under $30,000 to compete with it. And the latest recalls have also hurt Toyota, so they have went all-in with the 2015 Toyota Camry to ignite a spark in car buyers.

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Morgan Stanley Drops Price Target on General Motors

April 10th, 2014

General Motors has taken quite a few deserved punches lately and it was delivered a final blow today. Morgan Stanley downgraded GM’s price target to a feeble $33/share from $49/share. Analyst Adam Jones remarked that the industry beginning a period of progressive technology change, due to the potential of electronic and self-driving vehicles in the near future. This downgrade is basically stating that GM will not be nimble enough to keep up during this transition. Jones stated that companies like Tesla were much more prepared to thrive in the upcoming years with the technological paradigm shift since it has its pick of engineers to help innovate and help the company adapt rapidly to major changes.

Jones also downgraded the Ford Motor company from $20/share down to $17, citing poor overseas gains and stronger competition nationally. This is disheartening as U.S. automakers were just beginning to rebound from the recession and provide steady gains and returns. If you are in the market to upgrade your vehicle to an electric model to stay ahead of the curve, that head to for free price quotes on green-friendly vehicles today!

Toyota’s Camry retakes the top spot for U.S. cars sold

April 3rd, 2014

The record setting Toyota Camry, which was the top selling U.S. car for 12 years, has retaken its spot atop the U.S. units sold list in March. Camry enjoyed an 11 percent increase last month, selling 41,953 units, pushing it ahead of the Nissan’s Altima, which sold 35,921 in March of 2014. The jump in sales is mainly attributed the winter thaw and built up demand for the top selling cars.

“Solid March sales pushed first-quarter industry results ahead of last year’s pace despite one of the harshest winters on record,” remarked Bill Fay, Toyota’s U.S. group vice president, in a statement Tuesday. “Toyota dealers had their two best sales weekends of the year late in the month, and we’re optimistic that momentum will spring us into April.” If you are looking to get into a new Toyota Camry this spring, now might be the time. Visit to get a new vehicle quote on a Toyota Camry, or any other vehicle, near you!