Car Prices Blogs - June, 2014

Take Advantage of End of June Savings

June 26th, 2014

The end of the month is upon us. Dealerships around the country are gearing up to get the most out of the last weekend of June and close the sales month. Dealerships and automakers had record May sales, some being the best May sales in the history of the companies. That means they will do whatever they can this weekend to get you into a new car, sometimes saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process.

Here are a couple of tips to use when you are negotiating this weekend. First, get the invoice prices of the vehicle you are interested in buying at CompetingCarPrices. Dealerships mark up their vehicles in order to allow some room for negotiation of the price. Secondly, check to see if there are any additional rebates or incentives that your vehicle may qualify for. Don’t mention them until you have negotiated the best price and then you can save extra.

Lastly, if you are close to getting the deal done but need to get that last edge, mention that you’ll come back in July and renegotiate. They will want to get the deal done, and it might just be the necessary push to make them take your offer.

Remember to check to get the invoice prices and incentive that may be available.

2014 Luxury Car Rebates

June 18th, 2014

Historically, rebates on luxury cars are few and far between. But in 2014, Luxury cars are stepping up their rebates and incentives to compete with rest of the automakers in the non-luxury classes. Below is a list we compiled most of the luxury automakers and the amazing new vehicle rebates and incentives they are offering in the New Year! Get your FREE quotes from and verify if our results are applicable in your area.

Up to 750 cash back incentives and manufacturer financing from 0.9%.

Manufacturer financing as low as 1.9%.

Up to $3000 in rebates and incentives for 2013 models and up to $1500 for 2014 models. Financing from 2.9%.

Up to $3000 in rebates and incentives on 2013 Escalades and up to $2000 in rebates on 2014 Escalades. Financing as low as 1.9%.

Up to $1000 in rebates and incentives on 2013 models and up to $750 on 2014 models.

Up to $3000 in rebates and incentives on the 2014 Jaguar XK and financing as low as 1.9%.

Up to $750 in rebates and incentives on certain 2013 and 2014 Lexus models and financing as low as 1.9%.

Mercedes Benz
Mercedes has stepped their incentives for 2014, offering up to $1000 in rebates and incentives on the 2014 M-Class models, up to $2000 in incentives on the 2014 C, GLK and SLK Classes, up to $3000 off the 2014 CLS-Class, and up to $4000 on the 2014 E-Class.

Remember to verify these deals with your local dealerships at

Cheapest Places To Buy A Tesla Outside The U.S.

June 11th, 2014

Are you in the market to go fully electric? Do you want the style and class that goes with a Tesla? Most people who are purchasing a high end EV are more concerned with the Tesla’s effect on the environment and not the effect on their bank accounts, but if you are a penny-pinching millionaire, here are a few places to get the best price on a new Tesla.

Bloomberg Rankings recently computed the prices in 17 countries where the Tesla Model S is currently sold. It ranked the places based on value of the vehicle without sales tax and converted to U.S. dollars for measurement.

The best place to buy a Tesla outside of the U.S. is the U.K.. With a price of $84,199, it is still 32% more expensive than buying it here in the U.S. Belgium, Italy and The Netherlands were in the middle of the pack with regard to price at $90,610. The worst place to buy a Tesla was in China, where the price was a whopping $103,715, 63% more than purchasing here in the U.S.

Find the price of a Tesla Model S near you by heading to today and get a price quote!

May 2014 Vehicle Sales Exceed 1.6M in U.S.

June 4th, 2014

The Big 8 had some surprising news for analysts on Tuesday as they turned in their sales results from May 2014. Their total, 1606,264 vehicles sold in May, beat expectations and was the strongest annual sales rate since pre 2008 recession totals. General Motors and Chrysler posted May sales that haven’t been equaled in over 7 years. Ford and Toyota beat May projections and Nissan also set a May sales record. Hyundai had its highest sales month in the history of the company.

GM’s sales in May were up 12.6% to 284,694 vehicles, seemingly unaffected by their record number of recalled vehicles currently. Ford’s sales rose 3% to 254,084 vehicles sold in May. Chrysler gained 16.7% and moved 194,421 units in May 2014. Nissan gained 18.8% in sales and sold 135,934 vehicles. Honda jumped 9% and totaled 152,603. Hyundai/Kia also improved 8.5%, selling 130,994 new vehicles.

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