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Take Advantage of 4th of July Price Wars

July 3rd, 2014

The first official summer holiday is upon us. The day we celebrate our independence, we will be also celebrating massive savings on 2014 cars, trucks and SUVs at local dealerships. Many dealerships are trying to get rid of their 2014 inventory to make room for the 2015 models. Chevrolet is one example, putting their ad dollars into the mix and buying 4th of July search traffic for their “72 Hour Sale”.

How do you take advantage of dealership reduced pricing for this 4th of July weekend? It’s simple. First, get a new 2014 car quote from Secondly, find at least two local dealerships in your area that both have your vehicle on their lots. Thirdly, contact dealership A and tell them dealership B is giving you a slightly better offer than the invoice price. If dealership A doesn’t reduce their price to get your business, try the same thing with dealership B.

Just remember to get your low price quotes at today and drive away in a new 2014 vehicle tomorrow.