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How to Find the Latest Car Invoice Prices!

New Car Invoice Prices – Find the Hottest Cars that Sell Below Dealer Invoice Prices.

Can you imagine walking into a supermarket, grabbing a bag of chips off the shelf, going to the cash register and saying, “I know you want $3 for this bag of chips, but I’d like to offer you $1.50” You’d probably give the store employees a good laugh! Yet this is the type of interaction that occurs every day at car dealerships. A car could sell for $20,000 one day and then the next day a customer could get the exact same car for $18,000.

What’s the secret? You need to do your homework so you can strongly negotiate the price that you want to pay. This all begins with finding car invoice prices.

Car Invoice Prices Guarantee that You Pay the Absolute Minimum for a New Car!

Once you know the car that you want, the first thing you need to know is how much that car is worth to the dealer. Dealers buy their vehicles in bulk straight from manufacturers. These manufacturers charge the dealers wholesale prices. The wholesale prices are also called the dealer invoice price.

You can find car invoice prices upon requesting a free new car price quote in the form on this page.

All dealers pay the same invoice price on the same vehicles, then once the cars arrive on their lot they are free to adjust the price as they see fit. The dealerships will inflate the price they paid so they can make a profit off the sale of the car. This inflated price is more popularly known as the sticker price or the MSRP. When you step onto the dealer lot and look at the windows of new vehicles you will find these stickers that indicate the suggested selling price. They have the car descriptions and the price in which the dealer is offering the car. Dealers want you to think the sticker price is an immovable object that is set in stone and is non-negotiable—but we all know this isn’t true.

How Car Invoice Prices will Help You Save $$$$$!

Since you know the dealer invoice price, you know how much the dealer paid for the car and can make it clear that you are willing to find a reasonable price in between the invoice price and the sticker price. A salesman can spot a buyer who is well educated about their vehicle and will appreciate an offer that allows them to gain profit while still saving you money. Most consumers expect to negotiate up to 20% of the dealers initial sale price offer.

Preparing yourself physically for a trip to the dealership is just as important as mentally preparing with research. Take advantage of this free online offer and request for a free online quote today. Find out the easy and hassle-free way to find car invoice prices without even straining a muscle! You will be glad that you did!

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