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When searching for your next vehicle the best place to start is with reviews on new cars and their prices. We’ve got a wish list of the top cars in different categories that would make any car buyer’s mouth water. Don’t even think about going to the dealership before you go over this list of cars to find the perfect one for you. Request a free, price quote on any new car and finding the best possible deals, at the lowest price in your town. Plus, see the actual car dealer invoice cost!

Eco-Friendly Sporty Sedan – Ford Fusion
We’ll start the list off with the car that is at the top of the list of best value cars, the new Ford Fusion. This sporty new sedan is the top choice for automobile reliability and is covered by an extensive warranty. It’s also available in a hybrid for those of you who enjoy being eco-friendly.

Getting Your Feet Wet as First Time Buyer? – Kia Forte
Next up, in terms of purchase price, fuel economy, and cost of ownership the Kia Forte is the number one choice for first time buyers. It’s a good beginner car that won’t hurt your wallet and will last you for quite some time.

Too Sexy for Your Car? – Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe
Looking to make an impact when you go for a drive? The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe has been voted as the sexiest car on the market. Performance, interior and exterior style, as well as the fact that this is an extremely elite vehicle go into making this car a must have head-turner.

Most Masculine Truck – Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD
Continuing our top cars review, we have the best truck for those of you that are planning on transporting large loads. For the best performance and most towing capacity available you’ll want to check out the Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD.

Quality Commuter Car – Honda Civic
Looking for a nice compliment to the vehicle you already own? The Honda Civic is the best option for buyers looking for a quality commuter car. Comfort, safety options, and drivability make this car a great addition to your garage.

Cool Ride for the Family – Toyota Sienna
For those of you ready to start transporting your families around in the safest most child friendly vehicle on the market, look no further. The Toyota Sienna offers top safety features and top the list in safety ratings across the board. It also offers spacious room for cargo.

Best Hybrid – Toyota Prius
Go green! The Toyota Prius has stormed into the car market as one of the top hybrid vehicles and despite the recall, problems is still holding strong at the top spot for most popular Hybrid. For the best fuel economy and efficient emissions the Prius is the best fit.

Not Your Fathers Luxury Sedan – Ford Taurus
Want a luxury car without taking a luxury hit on your wallet? The Ford Taurus brings style and design without a huge price tag. Very affordable and lavishly decked out with technology and convenience features that will make you feel like you’re driving the most extravagant car on the road.

Is Being a 007 Your Night Job? – Porsche 911
For top performance and superior handling the Porsche 911 is the way to go. This car is sporty, fast, and exciting. This car will give you a white-knuckle thrill ride and will make you impossible to ignore on the road.

A Uber Luxurious Step Up from the Dune Buggy – Hummer H2
The Hummer H2 is the top choice for a fun and exciting off-road experience. Performance, safety, and pure rugged power make this vehicle the best option for off-roading enthusiasts.

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