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Steer Clear of These Car Dealership Scams & Avoid Becoming A Victim

Even in the best of times, there are people waiting to take advantage of others. During hard economic times, it’s even more important to be on guard when making a major purchase like a new car.

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Top Dealer Scams to Watch Out For:

Before you visit any car dealership, familiarize yourself with the common scams so you don’t become a victim. Buying a new car should be a happy experience, not a hard lesson.

I’ll Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse – But Only For Today

Many car salespeople will try to hurry you into signing on the dotted line by making all kinds of false promises: Limited time offers you must take advantage of “now”; “We’ll include extra options, but only if you buy today”. Don’t let the salesperson pressure you into making a rash decision.

The Old “Bait and Switch”

Some car dealerships will advertise a new car loaded with every conceivable option – all at a price that looks too good to be true. Guess what? It usually is, and when you show up excited to buy the car of your dreams you’re told, “I’m sorry, it was just sold an hour ago BUT have I got a deal for you!” Then they show you a car that costs more money and doesn’t even come close to what you saw in the paper. Turn around and leave.

You’re So Special: There’s Someone I Want You To Meet

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book; playing on a buyer’s ego to make them feel like such an important customer. Wanting to introduce you to the General Manager and everyone else on the sales staff, until you have a lot of experienced salespeople trying to get you to make a quick decision. Don’t fall for it, and be upfront that you’re not interested in talking with a lot of people. A salesperson who is simply trying to be friendly and doesn’t have ulterior motives will drop it – a con will keep pushing.

We’ll Hold Onto Those For You

You and the car salesperson are ready to take a test drive and just as you’re about to hop in the car they say: “You’ll need to leave the keys to your car; you know, as collateral.” Don’t do it. You don’t want to have to hot-wire your car just to leave if things go south.

Your Monthly Payments Will Be Lower Than Going To The Movies

Everyone from the salesperson to the finance manager will talk about the car in terms of monthly payments versus the long-term cost of the car. It will sound like a great deal; that is, until you sit down later and see how much you’re paying in the long run. This is a quick way to end up buying a new car that’s over your budget and you’re left with a car that has significantly depreciated by the time it is finally paid off. Don’t be distracted by super low payments – focus on your budget and the shortest time possible you need to pay it off.

You Don’t Need To Waste Your Time Reading That – It’s Just The Standard Mumbo-Jumbo

Whatever you do, read your paperwork thoroughly before you sign on the dotted line. Yes, the print is small, your head hurts, and you are trying to finish as quick as possible; but this is how some car dealerships sneak in ‘extras’ you didn’t ask for and don’t want: Rust proofing, detailing, etc. etc. The minute you see they’re trying to charge you for things you didn’t agree to upfront get up and leave.

Let Us Do You A Favor & Pay Off Your Loan

You’ve seen these ads on TV – how this company will pay off your car loan or that company will pay off your car lease. What they fail to mention is there are almost always steep fees associated with breaking a car lease and/or car loan they’re paying off for you. It will simply get added right back into your new car loan. If that’s not bad enough, what happens if the car dealership goes under – you may find yourself liable for completing those payments.

We Just Need a Blood Sample First

You do not need to give all of your personal information upfront in order to get the ball rolling when buying a new car. Your name and driver’s license should suffice.

We Will Take Anyone’s Credit Application

A simple play on words and just because they will “take” your application doesn’t mean it will be approved by a lender. It is a trick to find out how much you can afford to pay – one that may take away your negotiating power. Don’t let a car dealership run your credit until you’ve negotiated the best price.

10 Tips For Successfully Working With Car Dealerships

  1. Don’t be a jerk: You know the old saying “you’ll attract more bees with honey than vinegar”? Same thing when working with a car salesperson. While this by itself is not a guarantee to get the deal of a lifetime, you’ll get a lot more consideration if you play nice.
  2. Have your ducks in a row: Know exactly what kind of car you want, what options (if any) you need in a new car, and how much you can afford to pay.
  3. Explore Financing Options: Before going to a car dealership, talk to a loan officer at your bank or credit union to find out what kind of rates they will offer you, as well as your eligibility. If you can get better terms financing your new car through your bank, you can take those negotiations off the table when you’re at the dealership.
  4. Keep your mouth closed: Don’t discuss your personal situation or motivation in any way, as car salespeople are trained to listen for anything that will give away a buyers hand. Field any questions as to when you anticipate buying a new car. They’ll know when you tell them.
  5. Take a friend or relative along: Don’t go to the car dealership by yourself. Single people tend to be pressured more so than those who have people with them; plus your friend can keep their ears open for anything that seems out of the ordinary.
  6. Realize the car salesperson’s motives: You’ll be doing your initial research via the internet or telephone and the salesperson’s job is to get you into the dealership – whether it’s by telling you about limited time offers or deals that may not even exist. Do your homework before you visit a dealership. Once you’re there they will do anything to sell you a new car – and one that’s full of upgrades.
  7. Know when to take a breath, not talk: It’s very important during negotiations to stay composed and not make hasty statements. The salesperson is going to try to generate as high of a commission as possible, so they will offer you options in such a way that makes you feel it is a must have. If you simply take a breath and pause, they will be forced to provide more information.
  8. Keep your emotions in check: Nothing makes a car salesperson salivate more than a new car buyer who is extremely excited about buying a new car. Even if you’ve just seen the car of your dreams with everything you’ve ever wanted, keep on your poker face. Ask questions about the car or even a different car – just don’t give away your hand.
  9. Don’t mention a trade-in: Have your bottom line already figured out and negotiate the purchase price on the new car you’re buying before you mention you’ll be trading in your old car. A car dealership will use this to their advantage, not yours. If they ask you beforehand if you’ll be trading in your old car, just tell them you’re thinking about it but not sure (maybe you’re going to give it to your ‘younger brother’). Once you’ve negotiated the price you want to pay on the new car, then you can discuss how much they will give you on a trade-in.
  10. You are in control: The single most important thing to remember is that you have the money and they need you to buy a new car from their dealership; not the other way around. There are other dealerships in town and they know it. Don’t let anyone pressure you or attempt to rush you into making a decision you may regret down the line. Either they will give you a fair deal or not; you can always take a drive down to their competitor.

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