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A car buyer should prepare for their dealership visit a lot like a test in school. You need to do your homework, take notes, and practice before you take on a salesman. Car prices are constantly fluctuating, a vehicle might be sold for $20,000 to one customer, and then the same exact car could go for $18,500 to a different one. How does this happen? Car prices are always up for negotiation and if you do your research find local specials you could talk the salesman down and save up to thousands on your new car price.

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Once you do decide to go into the dealership you should try to aim for a weekday. Tuesday and Wednesday’s can be low points in the week for a dealership and you might find a more reasonable salesman to negotiate with. On the weekends there are usually quite a few people out and about checking cars so the salesmen feel confident that they will be making quite a few sales and become less likely to work with you on lowering the prices. Going during the week when it’s been slow should help you encounter a salesman desperate to get some cars moving off the lot so you are in power to talk the price down. Also, the end of the month, fiscal quarter and end of the year often produce huge dealer incentives and sales, because they have to make room on the lot for the new batch of cars.

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