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How the Dodge Dealer Cost will Help You Save Money

Learn Real Dodge Invoice Prices from Local Dodge Dealers by Requesting a Free Dodge Price Quote Now!

Dodge has always been known as the maker of safe and versatile cars and trucks that present an attractive price proposition for the car buyer. The Dodge dealer cost will vary according to the specific make and model of Dodge cars that are sold in your area and will also depend on your state or locale.

Facts about Dodge Dealer Cost

Car buyers are often left in the dark when it comes to determining the actual dealer cost of their desired Dodge vehicle. Here are a few facts to remember about existing Dodge dealer costs:

  • The actual dealer cost (the price the dealer paid for the vehicle) is often much lower than otherwise stated.
  • Your Dodge dealer will often receive discounts, incentives and rebates that are directly deducted from the actual dealer cost.
  • Customers who are aware of the estimated Dodge dealer cost will get to save more money from their new car purchase.

Calculating the Dealer Cost and Holdback

If you are in the market for a brand new Dodge, you will need to calculate the dealer cost and determine the holdback for your choice of Dodge car, SUV or minivan. The holdback is actually a percentage of the MSRP or invoice price that manufacturers giveback to the dealer. Here are the simple formulas to give you an idea on the total dealer cost and true cost of your Dodge vehicle. Remember that asking for a free and no-obligations price quote online will further educate you on the prevailing prices on all Dodge cars, trucks, minivans and SUV’s that are available in your area.

  • Total Dealer Cost = Base Invoice Price + Options + Destination Fees – Holdback
  • True Cost = Total Dealer Cost + Taxes and/or Licensing Fees – Rebates/Incentives

Popular Dodge Models and the Estimated MSRP and Dealer Invoice Price

Here are a few of the most popular and in-demand Dodge vehicles available along with the estimated MSRP and dealer invoice price. This will help you determine the best deals that dealers offer for your brand new Dodge.

Dodge Caravan
The 2011 Dodge Caravan sports the new front fascia that is common on all Dodge models sold in the market today. The Grand Caravan is still a perennial favorite amongst those who want a comfortable, sturdy and versatile people carrier. The Dodge Grand Caravan has an MSRP of $21,800 and an estimated dealer invoice price of $20,900.

Dodge Ram
The 2011 Dodge Ram is available in a variety of configurations that are designed to accommodate all your needs for a reliable pick-up truck. The Dodge Ram 1500 Base Crew Cab model is sold at an MSRP of $39,500 and has a dealer invoice price of $36,500.

Never head to the showroom floor without the necessary information regarding MSRP and dealer invoice prices for your new Dodge. Request for a free quote today and learn how to save money on your favorite Dodge SUV, truck, car and minivan.