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How to Determine True Toyota Dealer Cost

There is important information you need to know when deciding to buy a new Toyota. It doesn’t matter whether you’re considering a Toyota Yaris, Toyota Camry or Toyota Tundra; you need one important thing in your back pocket – the true Toyota dealer cost of your next car or truck.

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What Does the Toyota Window Sticker Mean?

The Toyota window sticker lists the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), as well as the MSRP of any options installed at the factory. It also lists the destination charge, which is the freight or transportation costs from the Toyota factory to the dealership.

It should be noted that destination charges reflect the actual charge to the dealer, which are passed on to the consumer with no mark-up.

While the window sticker also contains helpful information such as fuel efficiency and safety features, it does not provide you with the information you need to negotiate a lower purchase price.

There is a Difference Between Dealer Cost & Actual Dealer Invoice Price

After a new Toyota has been sold and registered, the dealership earns an extra credit from the manufacturer. This extra credit is called the “holdback” and for Toyota the amount is around 3% of the base MSRP (excluding options and destination charges).

It is highly unlikely that the Toyota dealer would willingly put any of the holdback on the table during negotiations, but knowing how much it is worth can provide you with a reliable estimate of how much room the dealer has to negotiate.

Where to Turn for Reliable Toyota Pricing Information

How do you go about researching the Toyota dealer’s cost for the Tundra or Corolla you would like to buy? When you request a free, no obligation car price quote, we will provide you with the most reliable and accurate information on your local Toyota dealer’s true cost.

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