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The Smartest Way to Negotiating Car Prices

Auto Price Negotiation – Request a Free Price Quote and Learn How to Best Negotiate New Car Prices.

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For many us, we have anxiety at the very thought of negotiating car prices. We’re all familiar with the stereotypical car salesman found in bad movies or sitcoms. He’s the guy whose mouth starts watering and eyes light up with dollar signs the second you step into the dealership, because he knows the opportunity to squeeze more profit out of a consumer has just presented itself. Granted auto salespersons are more caring than this, this image can freak anyone out when preparing for shopping for a car. Fortunately, there are more tools than ever, on how to avoid getting taken advantage of when purchasing your new car. Here are 5 tips for negotiating the car sale price:

1. Become an Expert in New Car Pricing

Are you a buyer who is not prepared? Dealers love those buyers! Entering a dealership without doing your research allows the salesman to take advantage of your lack of knowledge on the new vehicle you are interested in.

Extensively research the vehicle or vehicles you are interested in, before going to the dealer. Find reviews of the vehicle, both from professionals and from people who actually own it and drive it everyday. Research gas mileage, safety features, make/model reliability, and cost of ownership including initial buying price and the cost of maintaining the car. In order to walk into the dealership with the confidence of knowing you have made a firm decision and cannot be wavered you need to become an expert on the vehicle that you are purchasing.

2. New Auto Sticker Prices are Not Set in Stone

Most buyers don’t know that the sticker price of a new car is flexible. It does not represent what the car is actually worth, nor what the dealership paid for it. Dealerships will try to sell a car for a price significantly higher than what they paid for it.

When you are researching pricing on your new car, getting free price quotes online is important so you know what price the dealer will offer you, however, look up the dealer invoice price as well to find out what the car is actually worth to the dealer. Knowing these two prices allows you to find a reasonable price to start price negotiations at. Depending on the popularity of the vehicle, you should give an offer 1-5% higher than what the dealer actually paid for the vehicle. It is important to remember that you’re the one doing them a favor by purchasing their product and if they want to make a sale they need to find a reasonable compromise price that you both can be happy with.

3. Keep Car Price Negotiations Organized

Salesmen have a tendency to combine negotiations for trade-in values, leasing and financing options. By discussing everything at once the dealer is able to make you think you are getting a good new car deal overall, while you may actually be getting tricked in an individual area.

Discuss one thing at a time. Begin with the purchasing price for the vehicle you intend on buying. Once you have settled on an agreeable sale price, move to negotiating how much you will receive if you have a trade-in. Finally, move to financing or leasing prices. Staying organized keeps you in control of the transaction, and if at anytime you become uncomfortable or unsatisfied with how it is going, you can always get up and walk out.

4. Research Your Financing Options Before Going into the Dealership

Check your options with banks, loan organizations, and credit unions before going to the dealership. You may be able to get better interest rates through one of these options than you would get from a financing agreement with the dealer.

5. Don’t Fall for the Unnecessary Add-Ons

Dealers like to squeeze every penny they can get out of you, so you will get offers for extras like paint protection, rustproofing, or extra theft deterrents. These are unnecessary add-ons that are only there to put more of your money in the dealer’s pocket. If you notice these on the final bill of sale, make it clear that you do not want them and will not accept the transaction if they are included.

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