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Retail car price is the cost you can expect to pay at a dealership without any negotiations. This price can also be called the sticker price. When you walk on the lot you can find this price posted in the window of each car and truck. This price is a goal that the dealership sets for itself. It pays a lower price for the vehicle, then inflates the cost so that there is an opportunity to turn a profit off the sale of the car or truck.

Retail pricing on cars are determined by the dealership using many different factors including popularity and consequent consumer demand for the car, how much other dealerships in the area are charging, as well as geographic location.

As a consumer it’s important to pay attention to market trends when you’re preparing yourself to buy. Consider the dealer’s reality when faced with a lot full of cars that they need to sell off as quickly as possible. Be aware of timing and how consumer demand ties into it.

For example, a convertible is going to be less desirable in the winter; buyers are going to be more interested in a car that is practical for the climate. This causes a back up of convertibles on the dealership lot during the colder months. It’s a safe bet that you can have an easier time talking the price down on a convertible during the winter, because the dealer is anxious to get these cars moving off the lot. If you’re looking to buy an SUV it could be a good idea to wait for the latest hybrid to come out before you make your trip to the dealership. The media will pump headlines of the newest car that gets you the best fuel economy and gives you the most efficient drive and it will cause buyers to flock to the dealership to get their new hybrid vehicle. In the meantime less gas efficient vehicles are going to become less popular during this craze and this gives you a window of opportunity to use some leverage on the dealer.

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