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The Truth Behind Dealer Car Prices

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Automobile prices at the dealership can be quite mysterious. Automobile Internet sites try to keep up on current pricing but when it comes down to it many report suggested prices instead of up-to-date actual price offers. Our free pricing quotes reveal the absolute best deals you can get in your zip code. Request a new car price quote and discover up-to-date sales and special deals in your local area. Also we reveal to you the dealer invoice!

Dealer invoice costs are painstakingly hidden so that car buyers are at a disadvantage when salesman overcharge them. Requesting a free price quote reveals the inner-workings of how much dealerships actually purchase their car for.

Dealerships generate money from two places when making the sale of a car:

  1. Retail Car Prices: Over-stating the sticker price of a vehicle is always the case. Dealerships pay wholesale prices for the cars on their lot and also receive special cash back reimbursements and incentives from the manufacturers upon the sale of a car. That is money you will never see but it is there!
    Dealerships could afford to sell their cars for much lower prices, however they raise the prices above what they actually paid and this is what most car buyers end up getting charged. A free price quote educates you on the actual price of a car so that you can approach the negotiation table with confidence.
  2. Add-Ons To New Car Invoice Pricing: Another system of making money is through add-ons. This system attaches extra charges to your contract for things you may have never wanted in the first place. The kicker with this is that they mark-up the charges and you end up paying excessive amounts of money.

Smart Car Buying Tip

A new car price quote gives you the true value of a car so that you can pick a dealership who is fair in their pricing. We also give you the option of getting in contact with your neighborhood dealerships via email, so you can do some research before visiting the dealerships. Calling ahead and discussing your vehicle is a great way to find out if there are in fact any add-ons, you can request a full write up on the car charges and have them emailed to you, so you can see exactly what you’re being charged for. You also shouldn’t be afraid to ask the salesman to show you the car you want without the add-ons.

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