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An online car comparison feature can be the make it or break it deciding factor in choosing what new car to purchase. There is always going to be a similar model to the car, truck or SUV that you have your eye on, because of this its important to keep an open mind and use the car comparison feature that we have provided to compare similar models to make sure you choose what’s best for you.

Take a look at a few tips to keep in mind when comparing vehicles side by side. Request your free price quote and take advantage of great offers from dealerships in your area today!

What to Keep in Mind When Using Our Car Comparison Feature…

Compare similar models. A comparison is not going to be fair or accurate if you compare two different vehicle segments like an SUV and a sedan or a hybrid and a standard gas model.

Look at a few key features to make your comparisons, such as:

Fuel Economy: This is important because it contributes to the amount of money you are going to be spending on gas. Perhaps you need a car because you have to drive long distances, in which case a high mpg would be important to you. Or maybe you just need to lease a car for city hoping; as such a high mpg might not be the most important aspect.

MSPR and Invoice Price: The lower the MSRP and Invoice Price, the better the deal you will get on your new vehicle. If you are working within a tight budget its important that you pay attention to these two price features when comparing similar models.

Engine and transmission type: If you are an auto enthusiast and have a particular engine type in mind then this is a feature you want to pay attention to when comparing cars. It may be especially important for you to have a manual vehicle, in which case you need to make sure that this feature is available on the vehicle you are interested in, if not you may need to set your focus to a similar model.

Convenience and Technical Features: It might be important to you that you have seat warmers or leather interior, if so then keep these convenience features in mind when comparing vehicles side by side.

Remember it’s your car so whether you are buying or leasing, pay attention to comparing the things that you care about. There may be certain things that are not important to you because you are going to be leasing and are prepared to trade in the model after a few years. Similarly there may be features that you are especially concerned with because you are going to be leasing and not buying.

Keep an open mind because you may find that a vehicle you weren’t aware of before, would actually be a better fit for you and your lifestyle based on what you find out through the car comparison feature. Whether you are leasing or buying, an online car comparison feature will always come in handy!