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The art of negotiating car prices is one of the most valuable skills you can have, in fact it can be worth thousands of dollars. We’ve got all the information you need to become an expert negotiator.

To start, you need to understand car pricing. There are two main prices that you need to familiarize yourself with:

  • MSRP Retail Sticker Price: The sticker price of a vehicle is the price you see in the car window on the dealership lot. This is the only price a dealer wants you to know about; they want you to believe this is the true value of the car. More importantly they want you to think that this price is set in stone and non-negotiable. The sticker price is an inflated price aimed to generate as much profit as possible for the dealer.
  • True Car Dealer Invoice Price: This is the price you need to know about. Dealerships buy their vehicles for wholesale prices straight from the manufacturer. Since the dealerships buy in bulk, they are given a discounted price for each vehicle. This discounted price is known as the dealer invoice price. This is the true value of the car and anything over this price can be considered as profit for the dealer.

Since dealers don’t want you to know the invoice price of a vehicle, it can often be difficult to find. Luckily we’ve got your ticket to all the insider information you need on your vehicle. A free price quote presents you with everything you need to prepare yourself for your car buying experience. We research sales occurring at your neighborhood dealerships on a day to day basis so you know the most up to date discounted pricing available for the car or truck you want. You can compare dealership prices and figure out which ones are offering the best deals. Most importantly we provide you with the dealer invoice pricing on the car you want. This will help you talk the car dealer down. Offering a price 1-5% above dealer invoice can give the dealer a generous profit that they can be happy with, while at the same time saving you up to a couple thousand dollars on the car of your dreams.

Stay in control, don’t let the dealer push you around. Armed with the information given to you from a free price quote you are in a position of power. You will be able to show the salesman that you have done your homework and are prepared to negotiate for a reasonable price, well below the inflated MSRP sticker price. If at anytime you feel uncomfortable always remember you can get up and walk out. You should not commit to a deal that you aren’t 100% happy with.

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