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Dealership car prices invoice are closely guarded secrets. These are the prices you want to pay (or below!) when buying your car or truck. Request a free, price quote on any new car and find the best possible deals, at the lowest price in your town. Plus, see the secret car dealer invoice cost! The problem is they are a bit of a mystery; dealers don’t want you to know about them so it’s difficult to understand what they actually are and if you are actually paying invoice prices for your car. Luckily we have the inside information that will teach you everything you need to know about car dealers invoice pricing and how to negotiate for it.

Car dealerships act as independent retailers for the vehicles they sell. They purchase their vehicles wholesale directly from the manufacturer so they pay bottom dollar for each car. This low price is what’s known as the dealer invoice price; it’s the absolute worth of a car to a dealership. To make a profit off the sale of the car or truck the dealership then raises the price on the car. Dealers are in constant competition with each other, so before raising the price, the dealer will take into consideration the demand for the vehicle and how much other dealerships around them are charging for it. Our free, no-obligation price quotes will tell you the absolute best deal available in your zip code, on the exact car you want.

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