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The time has come for you to change your car. This can turn into a nightmare or by the contrary; you can enjoy every step of the way and learn a great deal. There are lot of misconceptions about car dealerships, the true invoice price for cars and on how much dealerships profit for each car they sell. What you really need to know is how to get a superb deal on your new vehicle without any headache!

Most new-car shoppers know that if you pay invoice price for a vehicle, you’re getting a bargain. But does that mean the dealer makes no money on the sale? And how can dealers sell cars below invoice, as they often do? The true dealer cost is decidedly less than the invoice price, although exactly how much a dealer pays a car maker for a vehicle is an elusive figure. We set out to determine the true dealer cost.

Elusive Numbers
The auto industry is the only business in which the term invoice doesn’t actually define cost. Therefore, true car dealer cost is usually about 2.5% lower than invoice price due to holdbacks. Holdbacks are simply incentives given to the dealerships so they can afford to keep their showrooms well stocked for you, the consumer, to view. This means that you can get a lower price for your new car than the car dealer invoice price. There are many competitors out there that are making huge discounts and offers. Due to this some dealerships find it easier to meet sales goals by lowering their profit margin. This means they are willing to sell you a new car, at actual dealer cost. You need to find these dealerships!

Good Fees, Bad Fees
The true dealer cost, also includes a list of legitimate fees, which the dealer should share with you. These are fees that the dealer has to pay to the manufacturer, including the destination fee (the cost to transport the vehicle to the dealer) and the carmaker’s regional advertising fee. Any fee listed only as an acronym should raise a red flag. Paying extra fees that are not your obligation will only set you apart from paying actual dealer cost.

How to Find Dealers Selling at Actual Dealer Cost
You are already on the right path, knowing the dealer’s actual cost and potential profit can help you drive home a bargain. But to get the best deal, make dealers compete for your business. Start by asking for a free no obligation price quote today! We’ll connect you with local dealerships offering competitive pricing. This is how you´ll get all the secret information that no one will tell you. By doing this you can rest assured that you’ll know the fair price you to pay for the new car you want.

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