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Getting your new car below invoice price is easier than what you may think. You just need a thorough online search and you will be just a few clicks away of getting your new car at an unbeatable price. Nowadays is a great time to buy a new car. You could end up paying a great price below invoice as there are great available options for the new car buyer. The following are some of the reasons you should consider:

  • New cars are getting greener. Manufacturers are giving alternatives to their customers. Between the growing price of gasoline and the concerns on the environment, manufacturers are developing new cars with higher fuel efficiency (or hybrids altogether) that makes the new customer save on a daily basis. You will be driving a new car that makes you save.
  • Great designs and styling. Manufacturers are also trying to deliver unique vehicles. They are trying to differentiate themselves from the competition with bolder designs and exclusive features.
  • Due to slower sales car makers are offering great incentives and rebates on new cars. Fortunately for the new car buyer, there is an incentive war between automakers. They are competing against each other and trying to upbeat the competition by giving bigger and juicer incentives to attract the competition. This means great savings for customers and getting your car below invoice.

A car dealership works just like any other business, they buy their products (cars) from the manufacturer in bulk amounts and they get a very good discounted price. This discounted price they get is usually the invoice price, and then they mark up that price to sell it to their customers. Its only logical that car dealers have to make their fair profit too. The thing is that due to manufacturer to dealer incentives they end up paying for the car a lot less that what the invoice price says. Therefore you can get your new car below invoice price from your local dealer and he will still make profit.

You need to be an educated buyer and know that car dealers sell the same car for different prices to different customers. This is because the prey on the unprepared. Information is the key to getting your car below invoice price.

Remember that you may be doing the car dealer a favor. Dealers need to get rid of old models and keep cars moving. They cannot afford to have their cars gathering dust on the car lot. Car manufacturers have all kinds of incentives and discounts for their own car dealers, is a domino effect, manufacturers give their dealers big discounts allowing them more profit and therefore to give the customers a good discount as well. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved, you get to drive home a brand new car below invoice price, and the manufacturer and car dealer keeps their vehicles moving.

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