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Don’t Pay Car Dealers Prices: What You Need To Know To Pay The Right Price

One of the biggest mistakes made by many new car buyers is going it alone and ending up paying too much money for a new car. The thought of negotiating is so stressful that they just pay the car dealers prices and get it over with.

Well, you don’t have to go it alone. In this article we’re going to go over everything you need to know to make buying a new car the fun experience it should be; not a cause for grabbing a bottle of aspirin while you substantially over pay on your new car.

Then when you join our family of happy and satisfied customers by requesting a free, no obligation to buy new car price quote you’ll be exposed to special internet-only pricing normally reserved for ‘fleet’ buyers who purchase numerous automobiles.

When you combine special pricing with new car dealers competing for your business you’ll be able to negotiate for the right price to pay for a new car – not the car dealers price.

6 Steps To Drive Away With A Sweet Deal On A New Car

  1. Before you shop for a new car realistically evaluate your budget. If you get in over your head that great deal you negotiate won’t end up being so great down the line. Check your credit score so you know exactly what you can afford and the interest rate you deserve to receive.

  2. Do exactly what you’re doing now; research the automobiles you’re interested in and gather ever bit of information prior to commencing negotiations with new car dealers. Even though car salespeople are experts in negotiating, when you’re an informed buyer you’ll have the confidence to go toe-to-toe with the best.

  3. Conduct negotiations when sales are slow and/or when dealers have bonus money on the line, i.e., when new models are being released (dealers have to move existing inventory), at the end of the month and during the last couple of hours of a work day.

  4. Determine the market value of your old car beforehand and if you decide to use it as a trade in, don’t discuss it until after you’ve negotiated the purchase price on the new car.

  5. Don’t let any salesperson tack on a lot of extras like undercoating, fabric treatment, etc. Those items don’t increase the car’s value and only puts more money into the dealer’s pocket.

  6. Think of the new car buying experience as 3 separate negotiations; the new car’s purchase price, the trade-in allowance for your old car and financing. Many salespeople will try to negotiate all of those items together, so take it slow and 1 step at a time.

5 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A New Car

When you buy a new car you’re making one of the most expensive purchases of your life, next to a house. Avoid making any of these very common mistakes:

  1. Buying the wrong car for your needs and lifestyle. Yes, that Ford Shelby GT500 that goes over 200mph is one hot mama, but is it really the best car to carry 4 kids to school?

  2. 3 words: Calm, cool and collected. Even if you fall head over heels in love with a car, don’t show your hand and don’t think with your heart. Make sure it’s the car that’s right for you and keep a firm grasp on reality where your budget is concerned.

  3. Deciding to work with a dealer simply because of where they’re located. Ask the dealers what their CSI ranking is (Customer Satisfaction Index); take a few minutes to check online with the BBB to see if they’ve received any complaints. In other words, decide for yourself exactly who you want to work with over the life of your new car.

  4. Like we mentioned above, do not bring up a trade in until after you’ve negotiated the purchase price. Some dealers love to play the trade-in game and that’s one game where you’ll end up holding the losing hand.

  5. Never forget that it’s not over until you’ve driven off the lot. Just because your salesperson shakes your hand, while telling you what a sweet deal you’re getting there’s still the finance/insurance department. Oftentimes dealerships make as much money in that department as on the showroom floor – extended warranties, insurance, changing interest rates, add-ons, extra fees for this and extra fees for that.

Multiple On-Line Price Quotes Is The Key To Getting The Best Deal

The fact of the matter is that when dealers are forced to compete in order to get paid they’ll do whatever they can to get the deal closed. It’s either receive X percent of something or a whopping 0% of absolutely nothing. When you start a bidding war and pit them against each other, you’ll have the upper-hand during negotiations.

When your new car dealerships see you shopping online, they will know with absolute certainty that you’re trying to find the best deal – in other words, they’ll know you’re also shopping their competitors. If they don’t aggressively discount the new car they know you’ll simply toss their price quote in the trash and move down the list.

With your free, no obligation price quotes, you will receive the dealerships special internet-only prices. They want to rest easy knowing they’re in the hunt when you review the price quotes. Between competing price quotes, available manufacturer rebates and incentives, along with the knowledge you gained in this article you’ll be driving home with a sweet deal in no time.

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