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The dealer invoice is a document that lists the amount that the dealer had to pay for the car. In short, knowing the dealer invoice will give you to the power to negotiate a great deal on any type of new car.

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The Difference between the Factory Invoice Price and the Dealer Invoice Price

The factory invoice price is also known as the MSRP, or the manufacturers’ suggested retail price. The factory invoice price is made up of four parts:

  1. The base invoice price of the car.
  2. The options invoice (or any options and equipment installed in the car).
  3. Destination fees.
  4. Manufacturer fees.

The dealer invoice is the base invoice price of the car. This is a more accurate representation of what the car is really worth. When dealers buy their cars from the factory, they buy in bulk. Hence, they get an added discount for buying a lot of cars instead of one. Some people refer to the dealer invoice as the ‘wholesale price’ of the car.

The factory invoice already contains a mark-up for the car dealer, whereas the dealer invoice will show you the actual amount that the factory charges for each car.

Knowing the dealer invoice of the car that you want is the first step to getting the best deals and the lowest new car prices in your zip code.

How Knowing the Dealer Invoice Price Will Help You Negotiate the Best Deal on a New Car

The dealer invoice is lower, by a few hundred to several thousands of dollars, than the MSRP. If you know the dealer invoice of the car that you want, then you can approach the dealer with confidence and negotiate a fair selling price.

You should always use the dealer invoice as a starting point in negotiating a fair selling price, and not the MSRP. The car dealer may be willing to extend a part of the manufacturer discounts and factory-to-dealer incentives (given by the factory specifically to thee car dealer) to you as an added incentive for buying the car, stay on track by negotiating the selling price before talking about incentives and bonus discounts.

Ask the car dealer for their final offer. If you don’t like the offer, you can always leave your number and walk away. Do not be surprised if the dealer gives you a call the next day, and offers you a deal that is hard to ignore. Remember that car dealers are competing for your business. They know that other dealerships will work hard to win your business. By starting a bidding war among car dealerships, you are sure to find an offer that is best suited to your needs and budget.

Dealer Rebates and Incentives, the Dealer Holdback- How They Will You to Purchase a Car Below the Dealer Invoice

Dealer rebates and incentives can come in the form of cash rebates, cash back offers, low APR financing, and low monthly lease deals. In some cases, you will need to qualify for special financing incentives and bonus cash rebates.

The dealer holdback is a nominal percentage of the dealer invoice and the MSRP, usually around 2% to 3%. The holdback is used by the car dealer to pay for selling expenses and other overhead costs. What you really need to know is that the holdback will be ‘held back’ or ‘given back’ by the factory to the car dealer, once the sale has been consummated.

By using the dealer invoice, you can deduct the holdback and any available rebates and incentives to help you purchase a car below the dealer invoice. This amount is called the true dealer cost. This is the only way that you can truly pay below the dealer invoice while allowing the car dealer to still earn a fair profit.

This will all start by determining the dealer invoice of the car that you want, along with any existing rebates and incentives. You can easily find all the pricing information that you need by requesting a FREE online price quote. This is the quick and hassle-free way to start shopping for your new car.

Requesting a FREE online price quote will reveal the dealer invoice of your dream car and any available rebate and incentive offers in your zip code. You can easily determine the true dealer cost and pay less money than what others are paying for the same car. Remember that requesting multiple price quotes from competing car dealerships can be used to your advantage. When car dealers compete, you will drive away with magnificent savings on your new car, truck or SUV.

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