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Don’t go into the dealership unprepared for your new car negotiations! Car salesmen are professionals with endless tricks up their sleeves, all geared towards making the sale, so make sure to give them a run for their money. When you conduct your research at home, you can decide what car best fits your lifestyle, learn the true value, and find the best deal.

The internet is a great resource for car shopping because a wealth of information is available right at your fingertips. Without leaving the comforts of home you can request your free price dealer quote from multiple new car dealers. Instead of settling on the first dealer quote you find, you can make them compete for your business which means lowering their prices to offer you the best deal possible. Make sure to be specific when you request a dealer quote, so you aren’t surprised by hidden costs or fees during negotiations.

When you’re ready to visit the dealership, keep all this information organized with the best deals on top, even if they are from a competitor. Don’t be afraid to ask dealers to match, or even beat, this offer because you never know how far a dealer will go to make a sale. Remember that car salesmen automatically have the upper hand in negotiations, but with advanced research, you can easily take control. Request your free dealer quotes before going to the dealership to make sure you get the best deal. Its quick, easy and best of all its free!

When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car?

Timing is everything if you want to snag special discounts on a new car. Salesmen have an annual quota to meet, so they frequently push sales at the end of the year to boost their numbers. Even though December may be the best month to buy a new car, it isn’t the only time to score great savings at the dealership.

Salesmen have quotas throughout the year, so you may experience a similar December effect at the end of the month or quarter. Pay attention to short-term sales as well, which can happen any day. Just like you, salesmen and dealers are tired at the end of the work day and anxious to get home, so use this time to your advantage. If you visit the dealership at the end of the day, instead of earlier, salesmen may offer special concessions to speed up negotiations and close the deal.

Late summer and early fall is also a prime season to buy a new car because dealers want to clear out last year’s inventory to make room for new models. Many times, there aren’t significant differences between the older models and the ones a year newer, so negotiating on the older model means you’ll still receive a brand new car while paying less for it. Keep these things in mind when you go car shopping so you can take advantage of discounts during your negotiations.

How To Shop for a New Car

First, understand your shopping style- are you concerned with value, image, safety, or every detail possible? Consider your lifestyle when searching for the perfect make and model to ensure that it fits your specific needs. Use the internet to narrow down your search based on your preferences and your budget. The internet is a great source to not only find different makes and models, but also specific details and reviews. During your research, remember to look up safety, quality, expert and owner opinions, and side-by-side comparisons.

Buying a car involves multiple financial considerations, so keep all these factors in mind when searching for your new car. Let your budget drive your research and pay attention to the different prices of each car to find the best dealer quote and drive off with the best deal. Dealers adjust the advertised price based on features, supply and demand, and time of year, so remember to request an updated dealer quote and adjust your negotiations accordingly.

Decide whether leasing or buying is best for your individual lifestyle and check for special incentives online. Also consider the possible warranty and insurance rates, depending on the make and model.

Once you’ve decided on your car and located a dealership, get the most out of your test drive. Check everything: interior and exterior, options, ride comfort, noise, power and acceleration, brakes, handling, even kick the tires. The test drive is your only opportunity to test the car before you buy, so make sure to get your money’s worth.

Car dealers won’t offer the best deal upfront, so do your research to make sure you control the negotiations. The internet is a great source to find the perfect make and model for your lifestyle, as well as request the most recent dealer quotes for free. Make dealers compete for your business by requesting multiple quotes and don’t be swayed by any smooth talking car dealers. Pay attention to what features fit your lifestyle and stick to your guns during negotiations, so you don’t overpay for unnecessary options. When you come prepared your are more likely to drive off with a great deal!

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