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There has never been an easier way to buy or lease a new car. There was a time when car buying was a very stressful and time-consuming experience. Most people spend an entire day or an entire weekend just to get a feel for the latest offers on new vehicles. But this free guide to new auto sales will give you all that you need to save thousands of dollars on a new vehicle.

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Tips to Dealing with Car Dealerships so You Come Out On Top

Here are expert tips on how to deal with your favorite car dealership:

Tip #1: Customer is king. Remember that you control the power in the car buying process. The salesman might offer you outrageous deals or extremely low prices, but the decision is entirely up to you. If the dealer is unable to meet your demands, or if the salesperson is difficult to work with, leave at once and offer your business to the next car dealership.

Tip #2: Never go unprepared. Before heading to the dealership, you should have an exact idea of the car that you want—the vehicle that will be most adept to your needs and to your budget. Most people end up buying a car that they don’t need because they were somehow coaxed into the deal. On most cases, a lot of people end up paying more than what they initially expected. You can prevent all of this by being prepared. Request a FREE price quote before approaching the dealership so you can find the exact price of the car that you want.

Tip #3: Bring a friend. It is always best to bring along a friend or a relative when shopping for a new vehicle. This prevents you from being vulnerable to the sweet tactics of a seasoned car salesman. Bring along a friend who knows a lot about cars.

Tip #4: Be careful in providing information. The person that you are talking to inside the dealership is professionally-trained to sell cars, and they know how to handle customers of all shapes, sizes, and financial capacities. If the salesperson senses that you are rushing to buy a car, then this puts them in an advantageous situation. Only tell them what they need to know and nothing else.

Tip #5: Remain calm. When negotiating the price of a new car, the best thing that you can do is to remain calm. Don’t rush into making an uninformed decision. If you have any questions, or if you need to clarify certain things, just ask.

Tip #6: Be vigilant, but be nice. It is hard to deal with a rude salesperson, so you can only imagine how hard it is to deal with a rude customer! Put it in perspective: if you were the salesperson, wouldn’t it be nice if the customer was polite, courteous, and easy to talk to? Be that person.

Tip #7: Avoid being too enthusiastic. Car shopping is an exciting experience, but it always helps to curb your enthusiasm. If you find the car that you like, keep that silly grin on hold and don’t show them that you really like the vehicle. Instead, you should pretend to continue looking around and ask questions about their other models. An excited customer is a Godsend to all car salesmen as this type of behavior will also affect your ability to make informed decisions.

Tip #8: Planning to trade-in your old car? Don’t talk about the trade-in before talking about the final selling price. You should first negotiate and inquire about their latest offers before you even talk about the trade-in. As an added tip, you should determine the current market value of your old car before trading it in at the dealership.

Tip #9: Try to get approved for vehicle financing before talking to the dealership. You can ask your local bank or credit union about current interest rates so you can compare the financing deals offered at the dealership. Keep in mind that special financing deals are normally reserved for buyers with a good credit score, and the dealer might charge a higher-than-normal rate for buyers with bad credit.

Tip #10: Ask the dealer if they offer rebates and incentives. Most of the time, customers are not even aware that new vehicles come with rebates and incentives. Ask nicely and you might be surprised that you can get additional savings on your new purchase.

Requesting multiple price quotes will allow you to compare new car prices and walk away with the best deal on a new car. Do this without leaving home! Making car dealerships compete for your business is a sure way to pay the lowest possible price on any type of new vehicle.

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