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When it comes to shopping it’s no secret that you should always try and pay the wholesale price. Simply put the wholesale price is the price that the retailer (car dealer) paid for the goods (cars) from the manufacturer (Ford, Chevy, Kia etc). When it comes to new car shopping the wholesale price is referred to as the invoice price, this is the price the car dealer paid to the manufacturer for the particular vehicle. When you start your negotiations it is important to remember that you should always negotiate up from the invoice price, not down from the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).

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The Dealer Can Sell At or Even Below Invoice Price-and STILL Make a Profit

A car dealership is a business and like other businesses they mark up the selling price from what they paid for the vehicle. Don’t believe the car dealer when they claim to be making $0 in profits by selling you a new car at wholesale (invoice price) price. A car dealer can sometimes even sell you a new car below invoice price, and still make a profit.

Wholesale new car prices have a holdback built into them; this is money that the manufacturer refunds to the car dealer after the car is sold, it is used to help offset some of the costs associated with keeping the car on the lot or showroom floor. The quicker the car is sold, the more of the holdback the dealer will get back.

Car dealers also get incentives from the manufacturer, which can be regional, to motivate sales or may kick in when a certain sales target is met. These incentives also lower the true dealer cost of the vehicle, to the dealer. It is because of this true dealer cost, which is the amount the car dealer actually pays for a car once incentives and the holdback are factored in, that a dealer can sell a car at or below invoice price and still make a profit.

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5 Tips to Buying a New Car At Wholesale Prices

If you want to buy a car at the wholesale price, then there are a few things you need to do to increase your chances.

  1. Collect as much new car information as you can, the more information you have, the better. You should compile information on the specific make, model, engine size, mileage and available packages. If you have the right information, and get car price quotes for the specific model you are interested in, you will ensure that you have an accurate wholesale price to aim for.

  2. Know how much money you are willing to spend. Make sure to take everything into account, like the registration fees, taxes and other fees you have to factor into the total you pay for the car. Don’t make the mistake of agreeing to a certain price and then finding out that there will be more charges on top of it.

  3. Make sure you try and negotiate as close to the wholesale price as possible. The dealer will try and get you to pay sticker price, and will want to negotiate down from this figure, you on the other hand should aim to negotiate up from the invoice/wholesale price, trying to pay as close to the invoice price as possible.

  4. Understand the dealer holdback. The holdback will be 2-3% of either the MSRP or the invoice price and as mentioned above, it comes back to the dealer after the car is sold. This tells you that car dealers actually pay less than the invoice price for a new car, so they will still make a profit if they sell you the car at wholesale price.

  5. Also ensure that you apply as many incentives and discounts as possible. Don’t mention any rebates or incentives until after you have agreed on the final sales price, this will ensure that you get the best deal.

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