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All About Hybrid Car Prices

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Hybrid cars give car buyers a great opportunity to own an energy efficient vehicle that doesn’t make a huge impact on your wallet. Many people think hybrid cars are a new concept, but in truth hybrid cars have been in development for years, and now are one of the better choices for a cost efficient car.

There are two types of hybrid autos:

  • Parallel Hybrid: a gasoline engine works together with an electric motor to power and move the vehicle.
  • Series Hybrid: a gasoline engine powers the electric motor which in turn powers the car. The gasoline engine can either power the motor directly or charge batteries that the motor works off of.

There are many factors that go into making hybrid cars more efficient than regular cars.

Smaller engines that maximize power, engines that shut off while the vehicle is stopped which start back up by themselves when the car is put back in gear, built out of lightweight materials and designed to be more aerodynamic to minimize the resistance of the vehicle, braking features that use the friction cause by the braking of the tires to recharge the car battery, and tires that are more narrow and cause less resistance.

A major misconception about hybrid cars is that you have to sacrifice style to be able to gain energy and fuel efficiency. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are some top hybrid cars that you may not know about. Request a free hybrid car price quote to find the best possible local car deals.

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