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The key puzzle piece in the car buying experience is ‘knowledge’ . There is nothing more important than educating yourself about the cars you are interested in and what local car dealers have to offer. It provides confidence, allows you to determine the available incentives, the right model and the price range that is best for you. Knowledge is power. Regardless of what car buying method you use, preparation is everything. There is no way out of it, if you want to be a successful buyer: Car research requires some time and involves some work. Don’t forget! You will most likely spend the next couple of years paying for the car that you have chosen. So, do your homework before making that decision.

There are significant rewards that await the value-conscious car buyer. Not only will you have loads of fun test driving the newest cars on the market but you will most likely end up with a great car at an unbelievably low price!

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Write down all the cars you would consider buying. You can let your imagination fly, and write down everything from a Ferrari to a Rolls Royce. However, while making this list, you truly need to consider your lifestyle. Which car would fit your needs?

The trick is to make a smart vehicle selection from the hundreds of cars available today. The first you need to do is to match your lifestyle with a vehicle that fulfills your needs. Are you single or do you have an active family? Do you have a long commute to work?

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Determine what you can afford to pay before making an inquiry at local car dealers. This is a very important assignment. Making a financial commitment to a car you can really afford is the smartest move. You’ll be able to enjoy the car and never give your payment a second thought. Don’t forget to keep in mind the added costs of owning a car like fuel, license, registration, repairs and accessories.

Obtain the MSRP and dealer invoice price on the vehicles that interest you the most. This step will give you a realistic look at new vehicle pricing. Remember that saving money is all about gathering the right type of information. The knowledge that you are accumulating now will give you the power to have the upper hand in the negotiation process. Local car dealers do not stand a chance against this barrage of information!

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