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Here are a few car buying tips:

Tip: When Car Dealers Compete, You Win

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Tip: Negotiate the Last Few Days of the Month

Dealers are always going to give slightly better deals during the last few days of the month. But, keep in mind, that ultimately, it doesn’t matter what time of the month it is, your special discounted deal depends on supply and demand.

Tip: You’re in Charge with Strong Car Buying Research

Request a price quote, and you will see that there are lots of local dealers to complete for your business. No matter what anyone says, you control the negotiating process, conduct a car price comparison from local dealers, back out of any deal that you have doubts about it. Take your time.

A trip to the dealership could take up to a couple hours. You want to make sure you are completely comfortable so you can be prepared for whatever the day brings you. Wear comfortable, but professional clothing and eat a good meal before leaving the house. Also, makes sure you are feeling 100% healthy, save the trip for another day if you don’t.

Tip: Keep the Negotiation of New Car Prices Organized

Dealers have certain tactics to try to ensure they make as much profit as possible. Keep your negotiations organized; discuss one thing at a time. First come to an agreement on the price for the car. After that move to how much you will receive for a trade-in, if you have one. Then move to financing agreements. Dealers like to talk about all of these things together when negotiating and it can be confusing to buyers. By grouping everything in the same discussion they are able to make it seem like you are getting a great deal, while you could be cheated in one or two other aspects of the car deal. Keep each of the 3 major aspects of the car deal separate and the negotiations moving at a pace that you are comfortable with.

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