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New car prices invoice was once the closely guarded secret in the car buying world. Not any more! Requesting a free price quote on any new car and finding the best possible deals, at the lowest price in your area is a simple step.

A free, no obligation, price quote provides you access to the dealer invoice prices on any new truck or car. In addition, local car dealers will share their best possible deals. You will receive all of this information without leaving your house.

It will be easy, fast and hassle free to shop around, looking at offers from one dealership to try to leverage deals from another. This can cut down a huge majority of time that you have to spend once you actually go in to the dealership. Make sure you get all offers in writing so you can have them in hand when you go.

The base invoice price of new cars is a key term you need to know. It will be revealed to you upon requesting a price quote. The base invoice price is the amount the manufacturer charges the dealer at the time the dealer purchases the new cars. This base invoice price is the dealer cost of just the vehicle, without any added options. Each additional trim option, has an invoice and a retail price. You need to be aware that some dealerships will add additional options at retail price. However, this does not represent the true dealer cost and is pure profit to the dealer.

Our free price quotes allow you to find the best possible deals, making a trip to the dealership completely hassle free. It erases any doubts whether you are getting the lowest possible price!

Once you finally walk into the dealership, it’s important to maintain each of the 3 major aspects of the car deal, as separate negotiations. When you begin car price negotiations make sure you stay organized. Salesmen are exactly that: salesmen. They are trained negotiators. They know all the tricks to squeeze as much money out of a deal while still making it seem like you are the winner.

Discuss one thing at a time. Negotiate sale price first, and only then move on to the trade-in value (if you have one). Finally move to the financing arrangement negotiations. Dealers will often try to discuss all of these at once, playing what they call a 4 square game. This game will allow the salespeople to “work the numbers” on a four-square worksheet as they negotiate.

For example, if a customer is concerned about receiving the a great value for their trade-in vehicle, the salesperson will inflate the amount of the trade-in and then increase the monthly payment on the auto loan for the new auto. Now the car buyer is satisfied because they received what they wanted, but the car salesmen is still making the same total amount of overall profit in the car deal.

It’s easy to make it seem like you’re receiving the best overall deal, when in fact, you are losing out in one or even two individual aspects. Keep in control, understand that this is a big commitment and you shouldn’t be pushed farther or faster than you want. If you feel uncomfortable either slow negotiations down to a speed that you are happy with, or get up and walk out. You shouldn’t feel pressured into making a decision.

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