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New car prices in the USA are different from dealer to dealer. Searching for the lowest possible prices has potential to be a cat and mouse game between you and dealerships. Let us do the legwork for you! Here are some steps to help you pay lower than you could have ever imagined.

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Step 2 – Keep New Car Prices Records

The best weapon to have in your car buying arsenal is documented information. Having all your price quotes readily available in print is much better than trying to go from memory. Think of a car negotiation as an open book test and these documents are your notes, don’t leave home without them!

Step 3 – Shop Around for the Best New Car Prices in the USA

This is where the fun starts. Your price quote gives you the pricing information from every dealer in your area. You have the power to start comparing each of the dealer prices to see who has the best deal. Request all information from the dealership in writing. Having a record of offers is important when you do finally go into the dealership, so that you can make sure the salesman honors his offer. Enjoy yourself, because this is the point in time where you get to sit back and let the dealerships do the work. Call the different dealers and tell them what other offers you have been given on the same car. Dealers are in constant competition with each other, you can spark a bidding war for your business between them. This could save you the hassle of having to negotiate for a lower price.

Step 4 – Remain Confident

You’ve done your homework, you have records of all prices and offers given by the dealers, and now you’re ready to go into the dealership. You are fully prepared to get the car you want for much less than you could have ever expected. Know that you are in control. Request a price quote and get access to the best possible new car prices in the USA.

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