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Today’s vehicle market is highly competitive. Most of the time vehicle incentives are offered on particular car to try and get your attention for that model.

An incentive is a special offer that the dealership will offer to give you a reason to want to purchase with them. Many times you can get low-interest financing or cash rebates. If you can manage to find a dealership that is offering zero-percent financing then you can save up to hundreds of dollars every month on your payments!

More than One Kind of Incentive or Rebate
We see consumer rebates and incentives advertised all over the place, billboards, online, TV, the news paper, etc. However, there are rebates and incentives that we never hear about, these are things like factory-to-dealer rebates and overstock incentives. These kinds of ‘secret’ incentives allow the dealer to sell a new vehicle for much less than advertised. All you have to do is find out which dealerships able to lower their prices and give you added savings

What Do You Have to Do to Find Secret Incentives?
It’s pretty easy. You can find the lowest prices and save more by requesting a free new car price quote, comparing prices, and doing a little negotiating. Here’s how. — Once you receive your new car price quotes, compare the offers. Select a few of the dealerships with the lowest prices and show them the offers you received from their competitors. Ask if they are willing to lower their prices further to beat the competitor offers. You’ll be shocked by how much money you can save!

Gather Your Information Online
You need to make a thorough online research. You need to make the most out of all the information that is available online; you can get a hold of current incentives on the vehicle you are interested in with just a few clicks. It´s very important to make a strong online inquiry because special dealer incentives are only good for particular models and will only be given in certain regions.

Find information online on what vehicle incentives can be found on the model you plan to purchase. Create a car-buying folder and put this incentives information in it, so afterward you can compare the different incentives for different car models.

The Market Determines the Prices
Vehicle price and car incentives with drastically change when supply, demands, popularity, and other factors shift in the market. For example, if you are thinking of purchasing a car that is new to the market, very popular and has a limited supply then you can expect to pay a pretty penny once you find it.

If you love to shop a bargain then follow these easy tips to get the deal you want and with the incentives you are hoping to get:

  • Check out last season’s vehicles — look for summer and convertibles during the winter and cold months.
  • Purchase a specific car right before an upgraded version comes out.
  • Purchase vehicles that are in overstock or are in mass production and try to have a cash incentive applied which are easier to find in the winter and summer months.
  • Strategically purchase your car at the end of the month because salesmen need to meet their quotas and are more willing to drop the price.
  • Purchasing near the end of a year is when dealerships are trying to clear out inventory for the new products which means more savings for you!

Researching online will enable you to feel comfortable in negotiating a great deal for the vehicle you want. You will be well aware of the correct asking price for your new car!

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