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Whether you are looking for a new car or a used car, the way to get the best price for the vehicle you wish to purchase is to find wholesale car prices. Paying wholesale car prices can save you a lot of money and allows you to avoid paying the inflated pricing that dealers will try to offer you.

Wholesale Car Prices – What is the Real Deal?

Wholesale car prices are the actual prices that a dealership pays to a manufacturer for a particular vehicle. Since car dealers buy vehicles in bulk and are directly obtained from the manufacturer, they are given a discounted or wholesale price on each vehicle. Once the dealership obtains a vehicle they mark the price up so they can make a profit once they sell it. When a consumer tries to purchase a wholesale priced vehicle, they are trying to avoid paying for the extra price increase that a dealer has applied to the overall price of the vehicle.

Wholesale Pricing for New Cars

Searching for a new car at wholesale prices is a little more difficult. However, all is not a lost cause. If you do your homework you can leave the dealership satisfied and richer by a few hundred or thousands of dollars! Use our free online price quotes to determine the prices for all the cars that one can find at the nearest dealership. These are the exact prices that other car buyers are paying in your town. More importantly, you can find the dealer invoice price for the vehicle easily. The invoice price gives you an idea of the price the dealer paid the manufacturer for the car. Knowing wholesale car prices will give you important pieces of information that you can use when negotiating the price that you want to pay.

Wholesale Pricing for Used Cars

Blue Book car prices provides wholesale used car values. Blue Book pricing is an accurate way to find the trade-in value for any type of used car. You can find Blue Book prices by requesting a free price quote as well.

Automobile auctions are great places for consumers to find the cheapest cars—ones that are under $10,000. These auctions often contain cars that have been repossessed or government-owned cars that need to be unloaded. The government is just looking to unload these vehicles as quick as possible for the most money that they can get.

Car rental agencies are another entity that often sell-off vehicles through auctions once they are ready to replace their lineups. Rental cars are inspected after every use and go through regular maintenance. Again—similar to government auctioned cars—these vehicles have above average wear and tear. They are not going to be in the best condition but it is a safe and legal way to find cheap cars.

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