Car Prices Blogs - October, 2011

Helpful Ways to Negotiate the Price of a New Car Part 4

October 31st, 2011

Buying a new car is more complicated than it seems. Remember that you will be making a huge investment in the process–one that will set you back for two to three years’ worth of monthly payments. Here is part 4 of the series on the may helpful ways to negotiate the price of a new car. A few simple tips are all you need in order to prevent from going bankrupt when buying a new car.

Tip #1: If a brand new car is considered to be too expensive for your tastes then when not try leasing instead! It is true what they say about leasing: you do not get equity over the car and you do not actually ‘own’ the car in order to satisfy your quench for that elusive pride of ownership. On the other hand, leasing will allow you to always drive a brand new car without even thinking about selling the car after a period of three or more years. Sounds good? We’re not done yet.

Remember that leasing a car is similar to buying a car. You will also need to negotiate the leasing price in order to come up with an affordable car lease. How? It will all start in the choosing process. Only find the lease prices of the car that you actually need rather than those that will only serve to improve a midlife crisis. Actually, there is nothing wrong with that but you will still need to choose a car that is just right for your daily needs. Asking for a free price quote will help a lot as lease prices will also vary according to your location.

Tip #2: Never approach the car dealer unarmed. Of course, it might be foolish to approach the dealer with a complete portfolio of new car prices (lest you want to be accused of suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder) but it never hurts to have an idea on current new car prices as a basis for comparison. The more you know about current new car prices then the better it will be for you. The car dealer will have a hard time convincing you to pay the price that they want as long as you are armed with all the pricing information regarding the type of car that you wish to buy.

Simple tips can go a long way. Find the best possible deals for the lowest prices in your town and drive home the car of your dreams while having enough money to spare to further enjoy life.

Helpful Ways to Negotiate the Price of a New Car Part 3

October 23rd, 2011

Are you considering to buy a new car? Want to come up with the lowest prices on a new car? Here is part three of the series on the many helpful ways on how to negotiate the price of a new car:

Tip 1: Carefully choose the type of car that is right for your intended use. Normally, it is advised that you come up with at least two or three choices when shopping for a new car. This is all well and good but this can also present problems when you are in the thick of the fight between negotiations. This is where most car buyers make the mistake of buying the wrong car as they get consumed by the vast amounts of data provided by different car dealers.

Facilitate your search online and ask for a free quote. You can then compare the prices, specs and features of all the cars that you happen to be considering so you can easily make up your mind on which is indeed the best. It is only after then that you may head down towards the dealer of your choice and negotiate the price of the car that you want.

Tip 2: Never settle for the MSRP or sticker price when negotiating the type of leasing or financing term that is amenable to your budget. You should never be fooled in to thinking that you got a huge discount through incentives and cash back schemes alone. Lay it down on the table and tell the car dealer the amount that you wish to pay outright. Only talk about financing deals, leasing deals and interest rates after settling the negotiated selling price of the car.

More negotiating tips coming soon. Start you new car shopping by asking for local price quotes on each and every make and model of car sold at the nearest dealer so you can drive away unscathed and with a few thousand more dollars to spare.

Helpful Ways to Negotiate the Price of a New Car Part 2

October 20th, 2011

If you are currently thinking about buying a new car then here is part 2 of the many helpful ways on how to negotiate new car prices:

1. Never rush. In fact, rushing will only lead to catastrophic consequences. Most people are fed up by the numbers that they see on the dealer and will just settle for the sticker price instead. Take your time when negotiating the price of a new car. The average time that it will take for you to negotiate the price will be around 30 minutes to about an hour, although there are times that it might take longer.

2. Never use the MSRP or sticker price as the basis for negotiating the price of the car. Remember that the MSRP is just the suggested retail price of the car and is not an indication of how much that you really need to pay.

3. Use the dealer invoice and the true dealer cost to figure out the right price. Yes, you can use the true dealer cost as the basis in which to start the negotiation process. No, the dealer invoice alone is not enough to come up with an agreeable price. Keep in mind that the dealer invoice will almost always contain the dealer holdback. If the price of the car is $15,000 then the holdback will be around $450, around 2% to 3% of the MSRP. The $450 would have ended up as additional savings for you.

More to come on secret negotiation tactics and how to come up with the lowest price on a new car. Start your car shopping here and ask for a free quote. This alone will give you a list of competing car prices that includes the dealer invoice for the type of car that you want.