Car Prices Blogs - January, 2014

Car Buying Tips for Early 2014

January 29th, 2014

Have you heard the new car ads on television lately? Local auto dealers are announcing the “First Sale of 2014” and offering their best specials to draw you out of the cold and into their dealerships. Having a bit of knowledge before you get to the dealership can save you thousands of dollars and be in command in new vehicle negations. Here are a few key terms you’ll want to investigate at

Rebates and Incentives – These ways to save cash on a new vehicle come from the auto makers and normally apply at any dealership. Some automaker incentives include new college grad rebates and military personnel rebates.

Dealer Holdback – Automakers holdback some money from each vehicle that the dealership purchases from them. This is called holdback, and the dealerships will receive this money that was held back when they sell you the vehicle. You may be able to negotiate a few hundred dollars off your purchase price with this knowledge.

CSI Rating – No we do not crime scene investigation, but Customer Satisfaction Index. This is a rating you give the dealership after you purchase a new vehicle. Dealerships are scored very highly by these and can get better rates on future vehicles with consistent great reports, so you may be able to negotiate a few hundred bucks in savings if you promise a stellar review.

So get some research and free car quotes at and be ready to command the negotiation for your new vehicle.

Competing Car Prices in 2014

January 15th, 2014

So the holiday buzz is all over and the winter cold has set in throughout most of the country. If you waited for the holiday season to end before you purchased a new vehicle, you may have made a very smart move. Even though you may have heard that the dealerships were offering “the lowest prices of the year”, the New Year may bring even better deals.

2013 was a stellar year for all automakers, with 5-10% rises in sales figures being reported over the annual period. That will keep the competition high for automakers to continue the increased sales trends to report to their shareholders. Increased competition drives up incentives like cash back rebates or bonus cash, allowing savvy car shoppers to get even better deals in 2014.

Remember to get your quotes on the vehicles with the largest incentives at to find out what dealerships are offering in your area.

January Brings Competing Car Prices Near You

January 8th, 2014

Do you have the winter blues? Is the cold weather and cabin fever getting you down? Maybe it’s time to bring a shiny new toy home and score an amazing deal on a new car, truck or SUV. Local dealerships have plenty of time on their hands as the slow winter months begin, so they are vulnerable for deep discounts and rebates to get any business they can.

Interest rates are incredibly low right now, with many dealers offering APRs from as low as 0.0% to an average of 2.9% currently. So now is the time to take advantage of historically low interest rates. But that is not all. Many automakers, including Chevy, Ford, and GMC may be offering $500-$3000 in cash back rebates on the majority of their 2013 and 2014 fleet. Lastly, the special rebates and incentives may be the extra cash you never expected to save on your new vehicle purchase. Many automakers offer special discounts, such as military rebates, new college graduate rebates, and owner loyalty programs with discounts for previous owners of their automobiles.

So are you ready to find out what deals, rebates and incentives local dealerships in your area are offering? Get some free new car quotes from CompetingCarPrices today and feel confident you have the information to begin negotiating. Just imagine how much better the next few months will feel when you are behind the wheel of the car you wanted.

January Price Savings

January 2nd, 2014

Winter has arrived in full force. If you live anywhere in the northern part of the country, you are probably buried under a foot of snow right now. January is typically a slow month for new car sales and a great time to take advantage of some deep discounts at your local dealership.

Winter Freeze

January is a poor sales month for new vehicles for a few reasons. First of all, no one wants to go out in the cold weather to test drive a car. The cold weather makes new car buyers hibernate until he spring thaw, usually around April. Your local dealerships know their history, so they will be offing amazing deals to supplement their slow sales months.

Cold Test Drive

One of the things that we mentioned was that most people don’t like to test drive vehicles in the cold weather. When we imagine our test drives, they occur in a Corvette convertible on the PSH with the wind in our hair. But cold weather test drives will show dealers that you are serious about purchasing a new vehicle.

Get Quotes First

Before you go out and brave the cold weather to find a dream deal on your new vehicle, go to and get a couple of FREE, local vehicle price quotes that you can show the dealer and begin negotiations lower than they expect. Catching them off guard and showing them you know what you will paid for the vehicle can get you that deal you can brag to your friends about.